Dagny McKinley

Exploring nature, determination and what happens when one believes the impossible is possilbe

McKinley has published seven books helping preserve local history, sharing stories about exploration, wild spirits, and history and heritage.


Writing has always felt part of my soul. My first published work (pages stapled together when I was in third grade) was 'How the Leprechauns Got Their Name.'


I read everything. History, biography, memoir, fiction, children's books. My favorite books are 'Ask the Dust' by John Fante and 'Stones of Summer' by Dow Mossman.


With a camera I can capture the beauty Nature offers so I can share how incredible our earth is with others.


I still believe that if you work hard enough and dream big enough you can make the impossible possible.


In nature I have found peace in my soul that I never knew existed.


When I was 27, my mentor said to me "Why don't you introduce yourself as a writer, that's what you do isn't it?" It is.

Art is born of nature.

Charlotte Perry