Author of The Wandering Rose through Undiscovered Earth Publications. Enna Rose is a free spirit who wanders the woods and the world bare breasted and bare footed. She lives between worlds – the natural and the civilized. Wild, independent, gentle and curious, she seeks to unravel the mystery of love, if she is worthy of love and where she belongs in the world, if she belongs at all. Scars tattoo her insides, draw her to the edge of possibilities. This is a story of quiet, raw emotions, of keen observation and of what can happen when a person opens herself completely to the world. BUY NOW




Stage productions of work includes Pray produced by Stories on Stage in conjunction with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts







Eccentricities of a Butterfly produced by The Great American Laughingstock Company






Publisher/Writer/Editor of






Also published by Cliterature Journal, Subway Chronicles, Fear KnocksA Soldier’s Peasant was published in Di Algo Para Romper Este Silencio, an anthology celebrating Raymond Carver.