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The Ladies. Narrative non-fiction. 1009,391 words. The Ladies is a tale of determination, passion and adventure of two women who break the constraints of society to pursue their dreams. Charlotte Perry and Portia Mansfield were both captivated by the arts at a young age. That passion brought them together and drove them to create a space where dance, theatre and the arts would always have a home. This space was called Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp. Because of the time in which they lived (the early 1900’s), as women, they faced opposition from many corners including family and friends. Despite the challenges of their time, they never let any person or obstacle stop them from pursuing their dreams and sharing the wonder of the arts with others. EXPLORE MORE

Finding Home. Non-fiction. 64,316 words. Through one woman’s story, this novel explores the search we all undertake to find our true home in the world. What do you do when you feel ‘outside?’ It took twenty years for the author to find home and her home just happened to be a place without people. The story chronicles the author’s first steps hiking alone on the trails around Los Angeles and Malibu to the solitude of Yosemite, Colorado, Santa Fe, New York and all the places in between. This is a story of the struggle of one girl to find her true self and once she does, to find a way to stay true to who she is instead of being who people expect her to be. This book covers excursions to the Iditarod and Africa, a month-long solo hike into the backcountry of California and the eventual deterioration of a stable life.  From binge drinking to four years of sexual abstinence, this book explores how nature can shape an individual. EXPLORE MORE
Companion Book: ‘Creating Adventures in Your Everyday Life’ – a gift book with 100 ideas for bringing adventure to life. Adventures include: turn left instead of right, take a class at the local college, be naked for a while, climb one big mountain in your lifetime, etc.

The Adventures of a Girl & Her Dog: in the mountains. Children’s Picture Book. Fully illustrated. The girl and her dog explore nature as a home for girls, as a place where they are welcome, where they can learn independence, and where they can grow. This is the first in the series of the Adventures of a Girl & Her Dog. Together the two will explore the canyons, the prairies, the desert, by the ocean and the world of winter. This series can be expanded to explore seasons, months and more. EXPLORE MORE

You Are Not Alone. Children’s Picture Book. 226 words. A tale to let children and adults  know that as alone as they may feel they will always have friend in the sky, the birds and the stars. EXPLORE MORE.



Wandering the West: a search for solitude: Coffee table book. With place as a character, this journey will detail the solitary places that still exist throughout the western United States from California to Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Arizona and more.

Lion Goes to the Beach. Children’s book. This story explores the notion of freedom and the power of one individual to evoke change. When a young boy visits the zoo he realizes the lions are unhappy so he embarks on a journey to help the lions become free.

Wren. Historical fiction. Wren is the story of a young girl in the early 1900’s whose mother dies on the family’s journey from New York to Colorado for a better life. At the age of eight years old, Wren is forced to become a mother to her five brothers and sisters while her father works in the mines. The family hunts and grows all their food. Each bullet that doesn’t hit its mark and the ones that do are collected and saved for the next try because the family is too poor to afford more. Wren never complains about her lot in life – there isn’t time for that. Instead, she lives by a strict set of values: protect your family, treat people right and always stand up for yourself. Wren is a force to be reckoned with and doesn’t hesitate to use her fists or whatever else is close by if someone violates her values. While she never obtains an education, she is captivated by words and books. She vows her children will have a better life than her, sacrificing herself and her needs to ensure they do. This is a tale of family, of sacrifice and the old west.

The Wandering Rose. Fiction. A collection of short stories about Audrey Rose, a free spirited girl who wanders the woods and the world bare breasted and bare footed. She lives between worlds – the natural and the civilized. Wild, independent, gentle and curious, she seeks to unravel the mysteries of life, of love and to understand the beauty that surrounds her. Her stories explore quiet, raw emotion, keen observation and what can happen when a person opens herself completely to the world. Her stories have a strong poetic bent to the writing.