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SEO Services

Exposure and search engine rankings are critical to the success of a business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics are complex, time consuming and constantly changing. In order to create an effective plan for your company, I work with clients to hone in on their specific targets, develop keywords and increase traffic and awareness about products, brands and services.

Long-term and short-term packages are available. If you are launching a new product, I can help with that, too. SEO services include optimizing website content, releasing press releases as needed. I also develop original keyword loaded articles and upload them to a variety of SEO platforms. Blogs are created to keep content fresh and relevant, increasing interest from consumers and search engines. I also place backlinks on critical sites to increase search engine awareness.

SEO services include any or all of the following:
-Web content
-Press Releases
-SEO platforms

Author Services

 Once a book is written the work really begins. The first step is to have your work evaluated. Is this book ready for publication? Is it a unique story? Do the chapters flow? What potential does it have in an already crowded market? Who is going to read this book?

These are all questions authors ask and I can answer. I offer authors content editing. I look at how the story flows and if there are crucial pieces of the story missing or pieces that could be cut. I review each piece of work twice, making line comments as well as overall comments. I have worked with both fiction and non-fiction authors. All subjects are welcome.

When writers create they see everything in their mind, however often times some of the things we know we forget to include in the story itself. I help discover this, rearrange chapters and offer suggestions for development and polishing.

Evaluating scripts for Hollywood agents and producers, taught me what’s going to sell. I can help you identify potential markets for your book, probable audiences and how to position your story.

Writing Services

 If your company needs a web content overhaul, I can help. If you need new content for your website, for advertisements or brochures, I can help. I work closely with each of my clients to get a feel for their unique style and services. I translate the best of what you have to offer into words.

I have an undergraduate degree in English and a MFA in Creative Writing. My life revolves around words and how to make stories accessible to every one.

Each company has a story to tell, each product has unique characteristics that can be highlighted to appeal to specific audiences. Every service has a clientele. My job is to make sure the people who need what you have know what you have, how it works and how it will benefit them.

Photography Services

 A picture is worth a thousand words. Articles, blogs and websites with images are more appealing to consumers. Let’s face it, our eye is drawn to images and design long before we open ourselves up to reading what’s on a page. A first impression decides whether or not people stay on your site for more than a second. I offer stock and original photography services to suit your specific needs.



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